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  These pages are dedicated to those of you who live our lives by the motto

"To Protect and to Serve"

On these pages you will find poems and true stories of honesty, dedication and bravery that goes above and beyond.
It is my hope that to those of you who are not a LEO you will leave here with a better understanding of who we are. and a better outlook on those of us who put our lives on the line daily for you.

And to you my fellow LEO, I hope that you will leave here with a greater appreciation of who we are and why we have dedicated our lives to a wonderful and fulfilling profession.

ALL "leo" Please feel free to submit to me any stories of service that is above and beyond, or something special done be a LEO that shows true dedication,

A story, a poem or anything else that will help us present a true picture of those of us who are true to our
commission. There has been too much bad press about the few who have tarnished the badge or shield we so proudly wear. Please help me in presenting a true and honest image to the public we so readily and proudly serve.

I welcome pictures of you in uniform and a brief bio, that with your permission I will post.
Also I  have a page to   honour those who have given there lives in the line of duty a picture if available of these brave men and women and a short brief will be posted to honour them and there families . This page is an international page and is dedicated to all Law Enforcement officers and their familes.

I thank you for your help in making this place a success, this is not my site but belongs to all LEO it is ours.


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 These pages were made by Fuzzy bear