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Cops are human (believe it or not) just like the rest of us.  They come in both sexes; but mostly male.   They also come in various sizes.  This sometimes depends on whether you are looking for one or trying to hide
something.  However, they are mostly big.
     Cops are found everywhere.  On land, on the sea, in the air, on a horse and in cars and sometimes in your hair.  In spite of the fact that "you can't find one when you want one" they are usually there when it counts most.  The best way to find one is to pick up the phone.
     Cops deliver lectures, babies and bad news.  They are required to have the wisdom of Solomon, the disposition of a lamb and muscles of steel and are often accused of having a heart to match.  He's the one who rings the door bell, swallows hard and announces the passing of a loved one; then spends the rest of the day wondering why he ever took such a crummy job.
     On TV a cop is an oaf who couldn't find a bull in a phone booth.  In real life he's expected to find a little blond boy " about so high" in a crowd of a half a million people.  In fiction he gets his help from private eyes,
reporters and "who-done-it" fans.  In real life, mostly all he gets from the public is "I didn't see a thing."
     When he serves a summons he's a monster.  If he lets you go, he's a doll. To little kids he's either a friend or a boogie man, depending on how the parents feel about it.  He works "around the clock" split shifts, Sundays and Holidays  and it always kills him when a joker says "Hey, tomorrow is Election Day, I'm off, lets go fishing;" ( that's the day he works 20 hours.)
     A cop is like a little girl, for when she is good...was very very good, but when she was bad she was horrid.  When a cop is good "He's getting paid for it."  When he shoot's a stick-up man he's a hero, except when the stick-up man is "only a kid, anybody coulda seen that."
     Lots of them have homes, some of then covered in ivy, but most of them are covered with mortgages.  If he drives a big car he's a chiseler, a little car, "who's he kidding."  His credit is good; this is very helpful, because
his salary isn't.  Cops raise lots of kids; most of then belonging to other people.
     A cop sees more misery, bloodshed, trouble and sunrises then the average person.  Like the postman, cops must also be out in all kinds of weather.  His uniform changes with the climate, but his outlook on life remains about the same; mostly a blank but hoping for a better world.
     Cops like days off, vacation, and coffee.  They don't like auto horns, family fights and anonymous letter writers.  They have unions, but they can't strike.  They must be impartial, courteous and always remember the slogan, " At your service."  This is sometimes hard, especially when a character reminds
him, "I'm a taxpayer, I pay your salary."
     Cops get medals for saving lives, stopping runaway horses and shooting it out with bandits, (once in a while his widow, Gets The Medal).  But sometimes the most rewarding moment comes when after a small kindness to an  older person, he feels the warm hand clasp, look into greatful eyes and hears
"Thank you and God Bless you son."