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Santa Wore Blue
The house was sparsely furnished, the walls in need of paint,
A tree stood in the corner, it's lit but very faint.
A little boy stood sadly, his gifts had disappeared,
He knew Santa was coming, then his mum broke down in tears.
The thief who stole this family's gifts took more than he ever knew.
I looked at my partner and he at me. We knew what we had to do.
Santa will visit this family, his sleigh a different hue,
Tonight Santa is coming but he will be wearing Blue.
We rushed to the closing mall with our lights clearing the way.
An emergency had risen, we had to save the day.
The guard was locking the doors, his family he would not see.
For all night he needed to work, though a shame, had to be.
We told the guard the story then he told a clerk of our plight.
The clerk opened the store and turned on the Christmas lights.
Money we had little, the family's need was great,
The clothes, food, and toys we wanted made our credit hesitate.
Our radio which was silent rang a "help the officer" call.
A family needed help, come to the shopping mall.
Cars came with sirens blaring. Officers shared in the delight.
I've never seen such caring. I knew it would be all right.
Santa will visit this family. His sleigh a different hue,
Tonight Santa is coming but he will be wearing Blue.
As we filled our car with presents, for under their dimly lit tree,
A chorus of blue sang carols, with raspy Christmas glee.
We raced to the boy's house, proud of what we had done.
The caring, the sharing, made this a joyful Christmas run.
The parents were thankful to see us. Tears filled their eyes.
Just then a flash caught my attention. My eyes went to the sky.
There was no man in a sleigh, nor angels singing a hymn.
Just stars all around us and a warm feeling deep within.
Santa did visit this family though his sleigh a different hue.
His spirit was in our hearts and his coat was the colour Blue.


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