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                       I never dreamed it would be me,
                          My name for all eternity,
                     Recorded here at this hallow place,
                      Alas, my name, no more my face.
                    "In the line of duty," I hear them say:
                       My family now the price to pay.
                   My folded flag stained with their tears;
                     We only had those few short years.
                      The badge no longer on my chest,
                         I sleep now in eternal rest.
                      My sword I pass to those behind,
                  And pray they keep this thought in mind.
                      I never dreamed it would be me,
                  And with heavy heart and bended knee,
                       I ask for all here from the past:
                     Dear God, let my name be the last.
                Sgt. George Hahn (LAPD-Ret) - Carved on the
       base of the Police Officers Memorial in Sacramento,
"                              The Final Inspection"
                The policeman stood and faced his God, which must
                             always come to pass.
                 He hoped his shoes were shining as brightly as his
               "Step forward now, officer. How shall I deal with you?
                 Have you always turned the other cheek? To my
                         Church have you been true?"
               The officer squared his shoulders and said, "No, Lord,
                                           I guess I ain't.
               'Cause those of us who carry badges can't always be a saint.
               But I never took a penny that wasn't mine to keep ...
               Though I worked a lot of overtime when the bills just got too steep.
                And I never passed a cry for help, though at times I shook with fear.
               And sometimes, God forgive me, I wept unmanly tears.
               I know I don't deserve a place among the people here.
                They never wanted me around except to calm their fear.
                If you've a place for me here, Lord, it needn't be so grand.
               I've never expected or had too much. But if you don't, I'll understand."
                There was silence all around the throne where the saints had often trod.
               As the officer waited quietly for the answer of his
                                    "Step forward now, Officer, you've borne your burdens well.
                Come ride a beat on Heaven's streets.
You've done   your time in Hell."
                              -Author Unknown
                                "A Final 10-42"
                      Why did you have to leave so soon?
                       I had just talked to you earlier that
                       We were laughing and carrying on
                               had I only known.
                       Had I known how the afternoon was
                            going to end all wrong.
                      It hasnít been the same since youíve
                                  been gone.
                      I heard the call and I was on the way,
                      Iíll never forget finding you that day.
                      It ripped my heart to see you injured
                                  like that.
                       I did for you what you could not do
                       filling your lungs with each breath,
                           while others did the rest.
                      I stayed with you till you were flown
                       from the scene hoping to wake and
                            find it all to be a dream.
                        It was extremely hard to face the
                      fact, you were gone and never coming
                        You were a great cop and a good
                        friend, but why did it all have to
                                suddenly end.
                       So tragically taken from this world
                          your friends, family and wife.
                        You paid the ultimate price and
                         they all represent the supreme
                        You served mankind well and did
                         a thankless job that few would
                                 choose to do.
                        Knowing what the consequences
                       could bring, you accepted the task
                       without hesitation, giving your life
                             for our preservation.
                        You were laid to rest with Honors
                      in such a glorious way we will never
                       Bugles playing, drums tapping and
                     bagpipes piping as the twenty-one gun
                     salute echoed in the air while we stood
                                 at attention.
                          Now I wake to another dawn
                       wondering why it had to go wrong.
                       Thoughts of you will always remain,
                        but things are not the same------
                            since you went 10-42.
On any high-risk call, I will survive.
 I have succeeded on dangerous calls before.
I know the tactics I need.
 I know how to make the physical moves I need.
 I am skilled with my firearms.
I can stay focused on what I have to do.
I can take care of myself.
I have options for controlling any problem.
   I can take each call step by step, without rushing.
 I can breathe deeply to control stress any time I
start feeling tense.
 I can keep any situation within limits I can handle.
 I can decide not to be afraid.
 I can defeat any threat against me.
 I can use deadly force to save my life or the life
 of  someone eles.
 I can survive and keep going, no matter what, even if
    I am hit.
 -Anonymous Officer
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