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A Day in the Life of a Policeman's Wife
The day, as many, starts the same
 With breakfast, school and  such.
He's asleep, the house is calm,
I miss his loving touch.
 I sneak a peek at him in bed,
His sleeping form is still.
He is safe at home with me,
He'll stay that way until-
The night shift starts as people sleep,
I lay awake and pray,
That God may watch him as he works,
And bring him home okay.
 I have learned that life is fragile,
It only takes one call,
To take away the one you love,
 Or see his comrade fall.
So whether it's an evening,
Or afternoon or day,
My thoughts are with him as he works,
I stay at home, I pray.
For now I know each days a gift,
that's given every life.
Each day more precious, just because
I'm a Policeman's Wife.
 Silent Prayer
She'll never forget that night
The one when duty called
The tone of his beep, beep,beeper
          echoing down the hall
As he read the words
       displayed She could see his energy rise
And before he even spoke
The tears welled in her eyes
 She succeeded in disguising
her fears by helping him prepare
She gathered his boots, his belt,
and all his tactical gear
She did not ask the questions tearing at her soul
The answers she needed
to fill the now existing
So, Instead she remembered
the years they'd spent
Counting one by one
And prayed to God in silence
to guide the man that she
Policeman's Wife
 A special kind of woman:
 A cut above the rest,
 rating her the best.
How many goodbyes are whispered,
 joined with a fond embrace?
As duty steals her man,
for the danger he must face.
How often have meals been ruined,
or tender moments disturbed,
by a call for a special duty,
sparking loyalty unswerved?
for an angel like this,
Who, for the love of her man,
must forsake that kiss.
She can run a garden tractor,
even paint a room in need,
How she can stretch a dollar-
  is a miracle indeed.
    She's a mother, lover,
chauffeur, and nurse,
     A living symbol of:
 Rich is the man,
 reaping his rewards in life,
who chose to be the other half of