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1) There are approximately 700,000 sworn law enforcement officers now
     serving in the United States. About 10 percent of them are females.

2) Each year there are approximately 38 million crimes committed in the
    United States, an average of one crime every two seconds.

3) Crime fighting has taken its toll. Since the first recorded police death in
      1794, there have been more than 14,000 law enforcement officers killed
      in the line of duty.

4) A total of 1,613 law enforcement officers died in the line of duty during the
     last 10 years, an average of one death every 54 hours or 161 per year.
There were 116 police deaths in 1996, the lowest since 1959.

5) On average, more than 65,000 law enforcement officers are assaulted
     each year and some 23,000 are injured annually.

6) The deadliest year in law enforcement history was 1974 when 268
    officers were killed. The deadliest decade was the 1970's when a total of 2,182
    officers died, or 218 each year. That figure has dropped dramatically in the
    1990's to150 per year.

7) The deadliest day in law enforcement history was November 24, 1917,
     when nine Milwaukee (WI) police officers were killed in a bomb blast at headquarters, and a 10th      officer from the Columbus (OH) Police Department was shot and killed.

8) New York City has lost more officers in the line of duty than any other department, with  533  deaths. California has lost 1,205 officers, more than any other state. The state with the fewest deaths is Vermont, with 15.

9) There are 795 federal officers on the Memorial, 317 correctional
officers and 27 military law enforcement officers.

10) There are 114 female officers listed on the Memorial, only six of
whom were killed prior to 1970.

11) More officers have been killed in January (1,355) and December
(1,329) than during any other months of the year.

12) During the last 10 years, more officers were killed on Fridays than any other day of the week. The   fewest number of fatalities occurred on Sundays.

13) More officers were killed between 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. than during any other two-hour period over the past decade.

On average, one law enforcement officer is killed somewhere in America nearly every other day. The first known line-of-duty death occurred in
1794, when U.S. Marshal Robert Forsyth was shot and killed. Since then, over 14,000 officers have died while performing their duties.

New York City has lost more officers than any other department, with more than 500 deaths.

The state with the highest number of police deaths is California, with more than 1,200.
Vermont has the fewest deaths, with 15.

A complete state-by-state
breakdown follows.

ALABAMA 366                                                    NEBRASKA  90
ALASKA  28                                                         NEVADA 51
ARIZONA 194                                                     NEW HAMPSHIRE  24
ARKANSAS 168                                                   NEW JERSEY 318
CALIFORNIA 1205                                              NEW MEXICO 102
 COLORADO 193                                                  NEW YORK 1031
CONNECTICUT 114                                              NORTH CAROLINA 298
DELAWARE 29                                                     NORTH DAKOTA 26
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA 105                             OHIO 621
FLORIDA 512                                                       OKLAHOMA 234
 GEORGIA 390                                                     OREGON 139
 HAWAII 40                                                        PENNSYLVANIA 601
 IDAHO 40                                                           RHODE ISLAND 33
ILLINOIS 834                                                     SOUTH CAROLINA 212
                                                                             SOUTH DAKOTA 41
IOWA 128                                                            TENNESSEE 272
KANSAS 199                                                        TEXAS  788
KENTUCKY  280                                                   UTAH  82
LOUISIANA 284                                                 VERMONT 15
MAINE 72                                                           VIRGINIA 292
MARYLAND 212                                                   WASHINGTON  226
 MASSACHUSETTS 246                                       WEST VIRGINIA  114
MICHIGAN 451                                                    WISCONSIN 196
MINNESOTA 186                                                 WYOMING 39
MISSISSIPPI 131                                                 TERRITORIES 270
MISSOURI 541                                                     FEDERAL AGENCIES 822

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