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Hello my name is Gerard. I was born in 1950 in a little town in Central Louisiana called Ville Platte. Welcome to my kitchen. I'll be your guide and cook during your visit here. First I will try to tell you a little about the cajun people, then about our wonderful cajun food. So just sit back and enjoy what I have to say cause it comes from my heart. The Cajun people came to Louisiana about 200 years ago, after being kicked out of Nova Scotia by the English. We didn't let a little thing like that bother us, you see we are a very hardy people. We like to call ourselves SURVIVORS. We survived that little mishap and lived, only we found a better place. We came to Louisiana and found for ourselves a wonderful land filled with a future for us. All the food and wild game you could want to make a life for ourselves. And we did just that we made a great place for ourselves and for those that were to come. We found a land that no one else wanted. A place filled with marshes, swamps, woodlands, bayous, and thickets. We took this land and carved for ourselves a home, a wonderful and beautiful place that we call Acadiana. The best place there is. We made Louisiana. From the prairies in the north to the marshes and swamps in the south. From the great Mississippi River on the east to the Sabine on our west. This is home. We built towns, schools, churches, homes, and roads. Many of which are still with us today. We have the best food anywhere and the most friendly people you will find. A place that has become known world wide for it's friendliness and hospitality, and of course it's wonderful food, the most famous of which is the crawfish.


We are still here today and we always will be. We took a place no one else wanted and called it home. For us it is our land of milk and honey.

Now i will try and explain to you a little about our style of cooking and our food.

We learned to make do with what God provided for us. With help from the locals we learned how to find and prepare new kinds of dishes. With what we brought with us, and what we found, we created a food culture unique in its on taste and style and ingredients. We found vegetables we had never seen before, like okra; trees we did not know, like pig nut hickory; and wild game that made us wonder, like alligator, crawfish and raccoon. We took all this and created food that was nourishing, wholesome and good. Food we still cook and enjoy today. The way we cook comes form the heart as well as from necessity. What I have learned comes from many generations of learning and experimentation. My recipes are all tried and proven worthy. Handed down to me from my father, mother, and grandparents. The same way I hand them down to my daughters. We as Cajuns cook to feed our families and cause we enjoy it. For us it is a way of relaxing and showing love to others. I love nothing more than to cook up a great meal and have friends over to enjoy our brand of hospitality. I want to say this, I am not a chef, I never claimed to be one, all I am is a down home everyday Cajun cook and a darn good one at that. Something else I want to say. And this is for the record and I know that most Cajun cooks feel the same as I do about this. A true Cajun cook will not blacken anything. Blackened this or blackened that is not Cajun cooking. If in my house something comes out to be blackened, that means it has been burned and needs to be thrown out. Some one started this, I don't know who it is , and claims it to be true Cajun, well it is not so, so don't be fooled. We as Cajuns take pride in what we do and are very proud of our heritage and culture, and would never make false claims like this. In my on humble way of putting words on paper I hope that you will now have a better understanding of our food and of who we are. We are a proud people, a friendly people filled with the love of God and our fellow man . A Cajun as a friend is a friend for life, a true friend indeed. So now I invite you in to my place where the coffee is always good, hot , fresh and strong. Take your shoes off, put your feet. up kick back and enjoy your visit. You won't be sorry that you stopped by. Find something you like give it a try, then you will agree that our food is the best food around. Come back as often as you wish my door is always open and a warm and friendly atmosphere is here for you to enjoy.

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