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Spring time in south Louisiana, what a wonderful time to be a Cajun. Trees in bloom flowers coming to life. And Cajun's walking around with their mouths watering. Why you ask well it's crawfish season. The time of the year when the crawfish are running, and the smell of boiled crawfish is in the air, what a great time to be alive. And what a great time to be Cajun. I know that all you yankees can't understand our love for crawfish, and you know I do understand how you feel. But don't worry cuz if yall don't like them that means we have more for us to eat. And by the way we do suck the heads. But for you yankees I'll let it go for now at least till you get the hang of it. Then I'll expect you to eat em just like us Cajun's do. It's an addiction really, once you have had some you can't seem to get enough. You have never lived until you have gone to a crawfish boil. Imagine sitting around a big, long table surrounded by friends and relatives, (well maybe just the friends), with great big gobs of big, red luscious crawfish. It is what we Cajun's call a celebration that cannot be described in a dictionary. The closest thing to heaven here on earth.

You will need:

  • A big pot to boil water in, one that will hold 5 to10 gallons of water, one that has a basket insert would be nice.

  • Some onions 4 or 5 will be good, cut into quarters.

  • A bell pepper or two, cut in half.

  • Some lemons cut in half.

  • 6 to 8 unpeeled potatoes.

  • 6 to 8 ears of shucked and clean corn.

  • some crab and shrimp boil.

  • And of coarse Gerard's Crazy Cajun Seasoning Mix.

  • Somewhere around 25 pounds of live crawfish.

  • And water got to have water.

Bring the water to a hard boil. Use a pot that will hold 10-15 gallons. Add the lemon, onion, bell pepper, potatoes, and corn. Bring all of this back to a hard boil. Add the crawfish. Clean the crawfish before hand by placing in a large wash tub and flushing with lots of cold water. Add the crab boil and bring back to a hard boil. Cover and boil for about 7 to 10 minutes. Remove the crawfish and spread on a table covered with newspaper. And sprinkle a lot of Crazy Cajun Seasoning mix over the crawfish. Now comes the best part, time to eat, and suck a few heads. ( Don't add salt to the water while crawfish are boiling, this makes the crawfish shells hard to peel).

This is best done outside where you can enjoy the good weather and good fellowship with good friends. Also it keeps the house clean. I do hope you enjoy the crawfish as much as we do.