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~Above and Beyond~
a memorial page dedicated to those LEO's
that lost their lifes in the line of duty
This page is my memorial to the LEO's that have gone to dwell in the house of the Lord.
 Law Enforcement Deaths Rise in 1997
WASHINGTON (AP) - During 1997, 64 law enforcement officers were murdered in
the line of duty nationwide, up from 56 the previous year, the FBI said today.
The bureau said its preliminary figures show that firearms remain the most
frequently used weapon. Handguns were used in 43 of the murders, rifles in 12,
shotguns in six. Three were killed with their own weapons. The South accounted
for 31 of the murders; the West for 15; Midwest, 11; and Northeast, seven.
from a news broadcast dated May 17 1998
In the USA a police officer is killed in the line of duty every 54 hours. 
In my Fathers house there are many mansions. 
If it were not so,
would I have told you that I go to 
prepare a place 
for you?
John 14:2
These LEO's gave up their lives in the line of duty
may there lives be remembered forever in the hearts of those left behind.
Police Chief J.B. Hare
Baton Rouge City Police
Baton Rouge LA
First local officer
on record to be killed
in the line of duty.
Killed in 1911
By a drunken officer who had been 
suspended earlier that
Col. Betty Smothers
Baton Rouge City Police
Baton Rouge LA
Killed Janurary 1993
In an ambush at a bank.
Col. Gerald Simmons
East Baton Rouge Parish
Sheriff Dept
Baton Rouge LA.
Killed in 1988
In a drug bust that went bad
 Wendoly O. Tanner
  Milwaukee Police Department
KIA:  Sept. 6, 1996
Survived by:  Mother, 2 sisters, 
Fiance with baby on the way.
Sgt. George D. Johnston
Louisiana State Police
Monroe, La
Killed in a car crash
November 1997
Steven Morgan age 38
Long Beach Police Dept
Long Beach Mississippi
Killed in an ambush
while answering a domestic
violence call, in May
James Noryhcutt age  53
Long Beach Police Dept
Long Beach Mississippi
Killed in an ambush
while answering a demostic
violence call, in May
Det. Randy Bell Age 44
Tampa Police Dept
Tampa Florida
Killed May 1998
While transporting a murder suspect
Det. Ricky Childers  Age 46
Tampa Police Dept
Tampa Florida
Killed May 1998
While transporting a murder suspect
Tpr. James Crooks Age 23
Florida State Police 
Tampa Florida 
Killed May 1998
In a crash while in
persuit of a 
murder suspect
Officer: David Chetcuti 
Milbare Police Dept. 
Milbare, Ca 
Killed April 1998 
While answering a request 
for backup on a traffic stop. 
Agent: Miguel Maldonado 
U.S. Border Patrol 
McAllen TX 
Killed March 1997 
In a single vehicle crash while on duty 
Sgt. David Kieffer 
Phoenix Police Dept. 
Phoenix AZ 
Died May 1997 From complications 
due to injuries received when 
his vehicle was struck by a DUI in 1977 
Corr. Off> William Immer 
Limestone Corrections Facility 
Capshaw AL 
Killed July 1997 
In a vehicle accident whild 
patroling the perimeter of the facility 
S/A Larry E. Jordan 
Norfolk So. Railway Police 
Chicago, IL 
Killed October 1997 
When his patrol car was 
struck by a train while 
on duty 
Chief Dy. Joe Young 
Copiah Co. sheriff's Dept. 
Gallman, MS 
Died October 1997 from injuries 
received in a vehicle accident 
while on duty 
Off. Greg Geoffrion 
Age: 36 
NM Motor Transportation Div. 
Satte Fe NM 
Killed November 1997 
When struck by a vehicle while in 
foot pursuit of a suspect. 
Sgt George D. Johnston 
Age: 39 
Louisiana State Police Troop "F" 
Monroe, LA 
Killed November 1997 
In a auto accident while on duty 
Chief James Kautz 
Age: 55 
Long Beach Police Dept. 
Long Beach, IN 
Died  December 1997 
From injuries sustained after 
being struck by a vehicle 
Assisting in an accident investigation  
Ptl. Thomas Smith Jr.
St. Louis Co. Police Dept.
Clayton, MO.
Killed December 1997
When struck by a car while
assisting at an accident scene
Spc. Ronald D. Jeter
Cincinnati Police Dept.
Killed December 1997
While attempting to serve a 
domestic violence warrant.
Sgt. Joe Jones
Collier Co. Sheriff's Dept.
Napels, FL
Killed December, 1997
In an automobil accident
while on duty.
Dep. Michael J. Metroka
Broward Co. Sheriff"s Dept.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
K-9 Dept.
Died December 1997
from injuries
received in an auto
accidend while on duty.
Off. Mark Swaney
Davidson Police Dept.
Davidson, NC.
Killed December 1997
Fatally shot while responding
to a shots fired call.
Sgt. Frankie Lingard
SC. Highway Patrol
Orangeburg, SC.
Fatally shot in December 1997
while making a routine traffic
Off. Steven Gajda
Los Angeles Police Dept.
Los angeles, CA
Fatally shot in January 1998
while responding to a 
shots fired call.
Off. John Kevin Lamm
Firbanks Police Dept.
Fairbanks, AK.
Fatally shot in January 1998
By a suicidal gunman


"Father into your hands I commend my spirit" 
Luke 23:46 
These pages were made by Fuzzy bear